Words  Collage & Poetry by Kathy Cotton


Torrential Talk

I stand bone-soaked

in a sudden word storm, 

pelted by torrents 

of dark thunderous talk 

whirling from every 

direction. Mouths roar,

tongues spit bolts 

of lightning, 

thirty-mile-an-hour breath 

hammers my back.

You invite me to step 

into the quiet shelter

of your blue umbrella eyes.

A patch of pale sky

opens unexpectedly beyond 

the indigo downpour.

©Kathy Cotton  


Story Teller

She is no reporter

gathering  simple facts

for a tight-packed lede,

a persuasive nutgraf.

Who and what,

when and where, are for her

tiny seeds, germinating

in deep-mulch imagination,

sprouting curls of vine, hung

with dazzling passion flowers

and bulbous fruit.

She plucks each story

in vibrant bloom, presses

the petals between pages

of a massive dictionary—

always ready for the next 

unabridged telling.

©Kathy Cotton



















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